1. How is payment determined?

On the platform you have points called reputation points.

You start with 10 reputation points. 1 reputation point is awarded for each question/answer given. 4 reputation points is awarded for each like received on an answer.

Payment is calculated by taking your total increase in reputation points in that month divided by the total increase in reputation points of all users, multiplied by the total amount of money paid by users in subscription fees.

Example: In one month, there are 10 users, therefore the total subscription fees amount to $50.

Your reputation points have increased from 10 to 50 and all other 9 users have increased from 10 to 20. The total increase of all users is (40 x 1) + (10 x 9) = 130.

So your payment will be: £50 (the fees) x 40 (your rep increase) / 130 (total rep increase) = $15.38.

2. How is The Nice Place funded?

At The Nice Place, every single decision will be taken with the goal of improving the user's life. If we took VC funding, we would be incentivized to maximise profit, which could cause us to take decisions that don't benefit you. So, to summarize:

F*** VCs.

Instead, we'll soon be allowing users of The Nice Place to invest in The Nice Place. Users who have built up reputation points on the platform by being helpful and respectful, will be able to use their monthly earnings to invest in The Nice Place.

This means that the top shareholders in the Nice Place will be the most helpful users.

3. Who runs The Nice Place?

My name is Chris Whitehead -

I run a startup called Obi in the week, and on the weekends I work on The Nice Place.

I started The Nice Place because I wanted to create a place where people are actively rewarded for being kind, helpful and respectful. I always consult the users on The Nice Place when it comes to major decisions, like privacy, funding and revenue.

4. What do you use for your payment gateway?

To take payment we use Stripe and Chargebee. Stripe is the payment gateway, and Chargebee is a subscription management service.

At the end of your first month, you will be required to input your bank details to allow us to transfer your monthly earnings to your account.

5. How do I withdraw funds from the Nice Place?

You can withdraw funds at any time by completing the withdrawal form. You'll receive this once a month via email as a reminder. We'll let you know once the payment has gone through!

6. What is the Nice Place's approach to privacy?

Unlike most social media companies, we actually want you to read and understand our privacy policy and the terms of use of the platform.

See our privacy policy!